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"If I weren’t writing this today, I would most likely be sitting in my art studio creating my next piece. I was always drawn to art and architecture, the symmetry of natural interplaying with the uniqueness that everything and everyone processes so individually fascinated me from a young age."


It wasn’t until a terrible school yard accident at the age of 12, which started me on my very own dental journey. Up until then I always saw a dentist as a person who fixed holes in peoples teeth, nothing imaginative, nothing individual and nothing holistic.  However even months after my accident, I was always anxious about my smile, and I worried endlessly about whether I would lose my tooth, and how I would look on my wedding day with my front tooth missing. Then I met a wonderful dentist, which restored my smile and my confidence. I never knew how much of my confidence was linked to my smile, nor the emotional pain I felt, embarrassed that I would be toothless. It was traumatizing, to say the least, however a gift in itself, dentistry would be my chosen field and through it, I too could help others, the way that dentist helped me all those years ago.

My Journey

My journey to becoming the cosmetic dentist I am today has led me to travel and learn from the best in the world. I have been trained by Professor Fradeani and Angelo Putignano in Italy, Didier Dietschi and Pascal Magne in Switzerland, Christian Coachman in New York, and most recently had the opportunity to train under the father of digital cosmetic dentistry,  Master Paolo Kano in Brazil.

I strongly believe in holistic dentistry, facially driven aesthetics utilizing digital technology and bio-emulative dentistry. 

My little space in dentistry has been my dream for years; every corner of Connolly Smile Design Boutique has been personally created with love and equipped with top-of-the-range technology from around the world.  Feel free to come in and say hi and together let’s create your dream smile.

Masters in Digital Smile Design

Dr. Lily Taheri is currently the ONLY cosmetic dentist in Western Australia holding the Mastership certification in Digital Smile Design.

DSD Mastership Certification - Dr Lily taheri

National Prize for Medicine

Honoring excellence in innovation

Edison Awards

Honoring excellence in innovation

Edwin Grant Medal

Honoring excellence in innovation

Robert L. Noble Prize

Honoring excellence in innovation

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